The Dos And Don'ts Of Body Language In Your Marketing Videos

A majority of interpersonal communication is nonverbal. Being in tune with your tone of voice and body language is important in every situation, and when you're recording a marketing video that's especially true! So, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you're recording your next marketing video.

How To Introduce Video Into Your Company's Marketing Strategy

Any time you start a new project, it can seem a little overwhelming at first. There's that initial question of "Where do I even begin?" Of course, every company is different; however, there are a few things you can do to help smooth the process of introducing video into your marketing strategy.

The Incredible Impact of Video Marketing on Your Bottom Line

With video taking over the internet, it should come as no surprise that people are using video as a tool to impact their decisions - what products to purchase, what organizations to donate to, which stores to visit when they go on vacation. In fact, studies have found that 74% of millennials use video to help them make purchasing decisions. To back that up, Yellow Wood Media Solutions did its own poll and found that 72% of people across all age groups state that they have used video to help them decide which product to purchase or which charity to donate to.

Peer Pressure Is Your Friend: The Power of Testimonial Videos

People connect with people. More specifically, people connect with people like them or people that they want to be like. So, when your clients or potential clients see someone – someone who has the same background, same needs, or same struggles – tell their story about using your product or service and hear them now recommend it, it creates a powerful message! Learn more about why video testimonials, rather than simply written testimonials, add an extra layer of trust in this blog post!

The 3 Cs of Successful Video Marketing

There are 3 things that are, arguably, more important to the overall success of your videos to consider than the others – how to make your video content compelling, creative, and concise. Here are statistics about why these 3 Cs – above all other considerations – are the most important aspects of successful video marketing and tips on how you can be sure to incorporate them into your next video marketing project.