yellow wood media solutions is dedicated to creating high quality video solutions at an affordable price so you can take your marketing strategy to the next level and reach your goals more quickly.

All videos created by Yellow Wood Media Solutions are delivered as both a standard format suitable for Facebook, YouTube, and websites, as well as a format for Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, you will receive a custom YouTube thumbnail for each video.

Free one-time consultation

This consultation can last 1-3 hours in length, depending on the needs of your organization. During this time, we will show you some of our work, review your current marketing goals, and what type of video solutions you may be looking for. If you know you want to introduce video into your marketing strategy, but aren't quite sure what that types of video you want yet, we're happy to explore that with you as well during this consultation.

ready: $2,000.00

This is an unscripted video interview package for organizations who are ready to get going with video now! Included is a 1-hour meeting to talk about your business, during which we will schedule a time for the video shoot. All you have to do is be there! You can choose up to 4 people to be interviewed on that day. Yellow Wood Media Solutions will edit the best parts into videos for you to use in your marketing efforts! With this package, you receive:

  • ·2 hours of total video interview time with up to 4 people

  • 1 hour of video time to get scenic or working shots around your business

  • 6-10 highlight videos ranging 30-90 seconds

  • 1 video story 2-3 minutes in length

  • 1 animated infographic 30 seconds in length

  • Standard graphics and royalty-free music

  • All videos come with suggestions for use

set: $3,800.00

This package is for organizations who know what they want and are all set to start planning it out, which is why this package is designed to be customized for your specific marketing goals. This package comes with a busy, full-day video shoot that will be planned with specific videos in mind. You will receive:

  • Full day video shoot

  • ·1 cinemagraph OR 30 second animated infographic

  • 2 testimonial videos OR 2 tips/advice videos 30-60 seconds in length

  • ·2 video stories 2-3 minutes in length OR 4 video stories 60 seconds in length

  • 2 highlight videos ranging 30-90 seconds

  • 1 promo video 30 seconds in length

  • Standard graphics and royalty-free music

action: $11,000.00

This is a one-year partnership package, during which Yellow Wood Media Solutions will come alongside your business to take you farther than you've gone before with video marketing. Strategic quarterly video shoots will give your business a video library to utilize in your marketing efforts. With this package, you receive:

  • Quarterly meetings

  • Quarterly full-day video shoots

  • 12 video stories 90 sec-3 minutes in length (3 per quarter)

  • 16 highlight videos 30-90 seconds in length (4 per quarter)

  • 4 animated infographic videos OR cinemagraphs (1 per quarter)

  • 1 promo video 30-60 seconds in length

  • Standard graphics and royalty-free music


Estimates available

Yellow Wood Media Solutions is dedicated to working with you to help create video solutions that help your company meet its marketing goals and we are happy to provide estimates for your projects!


We know non-profits do amazing work to better the communities we all live, work, and relax in. That's why Yellow Wood Media Solutions provides a 10% discount to any non-profit we work with.