Who We Are

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Yellow Wood Media Solutions. I have a fierce passion for telling meaningful stories - the kind the drive people to action, change lives, and melt hearts. With degrees in Journalism and Electronic Media Broadcasting, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to create media productions and tell stories across a variety of platforms - from directing live television to writing for newspapers to managing company social media accounts to producing a PBS documentary to doing video marketing in the non-profit sector. I enjoyed my time in every one of those capacities and learned a great deal from each individual one; however, what I love most is creating videos. When I tell a story through video - whether it’s a love story in a wedding video, a success story for a nonprofit, or a customer testimonial for a large corporation - I’m able to incorporate a multitude of creative, visual elements that bring an additional dimension of emotion into the story that simply can’t be incorporated into other storytelling platforms the same way.

Every single person reading this has an amazing story to tell - whether it's the story of your wedding day, the story of a client who has benefited from your services, or the history of your organization. I created Yellow Wood Media Solutions because I want to create affordable, high quality video productions to help you tell that story.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

- Gabrielle Haiderer

What We Can Do For You

We work with clients to create multimedia solutions that tell their unique story and meet their unique marketing needs. Every client is different with a different style, different goals, and different story. Yellow Wood Media Solutions can help you:


How We Do It

We offer a variety of multimedia solutions to help clients tell their story and meet their marketing needs, including:

  • Promo videos

  • Drone photography & videography

  • Testimonials

  • Cinemagraphs

  • Tutorials

  • Animated Infographics

  • Tips/Advice videos

  • Video series

  • Success stories

  • Corporate photography

  • Social media management