Social media consultation: $45.00

In this 45-60 minute session, Yellow Wood Media Solutions gives you tips to improve your current social media platform(s) including:

  • Ensuring your profile is fully filled out

  • Demonstrating how to improve your social media page

  • Providing tips to create effective and meaningful posts

Social media set-up: $85.00

Do you want to have a social media presence, but have no idea where to begin? Or do you have a Facebook page that someone set up a few years ago, but the information isn’t quite right anymore and you don’t have the time to fix it? Let Yellow Wood Media Solutions handle it! We will set up your Facebook page or other social media account with:

  • A profile picture and cover art

  • Your profile information, including: your bio, hour, website link, and e-mail address

  • The settings you need to have an engaging social media page

  • Your designated staff members as admins on the account

  • $25.00 ADD-ON: Add a 30-minute on-site social media training for your staff

    (price applicable to businesses within 30 minutes of Cadillac, MI)

Each social media package listed includes 1-2 preliminary meetings before the first month of social media management begins to discuss your business’s target audience, the type of content that will be posted to your social media platform(s), and the schedule for posting it.

Package 1: $75.00/month

This package includes 2 posts per week on the social media platform of your choice, usually Facebook.

This package is perfect for:

  • Small businesses and nonprofits who are introducing themselves to social media

  • Organizations trying to be more active on social media, but don’t have the staff or time to post consistently

Package 2: $125/month

This package includes 2-3 posts per week on 2-3 platforms of your choice, usually Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.

This package is great for:

  • Organizations who want to expand their social media presence from a single platform to multiple platforms, but know there aren’t enough hours in the day for their staff to wear one more hat

  • Businesses who need help managing their social media presence for a few months for one reason or another - either a staff shortage, the need for additional training, a busy season, etc.

  • Organizations who want to have scheduled content going out on social media regularly, but will still post spontaneous updates and pictures occasionally

Package 3: $245/month

With this package, you’ll be in front of your clients on a near-daily basis! It includes 5 posts per week on 3 platforms of your choice, usually Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This package is perfect for:

  • Businesses who want to have a top-notch social media presence without having to take on the necessary input of time to achieve it

  • Organizations who have seen success with their social marketing to this point and are ready to expand their interaction with their audience